Business Aviation Solutions Part 25

Business Aviation Solutions PART 25

Business Aviation is defined as the branch of aviation that deals with commercial companies for the transport of passengers or goods as a means to conduct business. The minimum requirement for pilots in the business aviation division, is a valid commercial pilot license with an instrument rating.

Check out ADS-B business aviation solutions that are specifically tailored to meet our customers’ needs as well as meets the requirements for the FAA mandate. Want ADS-B to work harder for you? AIE, Inc. recommends looking into ADS-B IN and OUT units. Not only does it meet the FAA requisites, but it also provides Traffic, Altitude, Weather and Ground Tracking for free.


ADS-B In identifies other aircraft near you and broadcasts their position.
** Free Weather, Traffic, Altitude and Ground Tracking


ADS-B Out broadcasts your aircraft’s position to other aircraft and Air Traffic Control Ground Stations.
** FAA Mandate Compliant


ADS-B In and Out is the complete package in technology for aircraft traffic control.
** Free Weather and Traffic
** FAA Mandate Compliant

AIE, Inc. has been a leader in avionics, instruments, and electronics for repair and installation since 1984. In 2015, we moved into our new facility that offers a 23,000 square foot hangar located at the French Valley Airport in Murrieta, CA.


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