Garmin GMA 240 Audio Panel with Installation Kit and Pilot’s Guide

Garmin GMA 240 Audio Panel with Installation Kit and Pilot’s Guide

Designed for experimental and light sport (LSA) aircraft, the versatile GMA 240 audio panel brings flexibility and functionality to the cockpit at an affordable price. This non-certified audio panel comes with many of the popular control and indication features found on the GMA 340, while excluding those functions not used in experimental and LSA operations — resulting in a remarkable cost savings to you.

Upgrade Your Intercom

The innovative, reliable GMA 240 comes with full audio panel capabilities. It includes a 4-place stereo intercom system and support for 2 stereo music inputs. It supports dual COM, NAV and AUX audio inputs. In addition, 3 unswitched audio alert inputs are provided for connection to external warning tones. The GMA 240 has a full-duplex telephone interface with intercom isolation for private telephone calls by the pilot or multi-party calls with crew and passengers.

Listen to Your Favorite Tunes

The GMA 240 really shines when it comes to music support:

  • 2 differential, hi-fidelity stereo music source inputs
  • Front panel music volume control, source selection and music on/off button
  • Dedicated controls for music muting by intercom and selected radios
  • Easy access mini jack for MP3 player, cellular phone, etc.

Connect up to 2 dedicated music sources to the rear connector (e.g. SiriusXM® music and auxiliary music device) and over-ride one of those sources at any time by connecting a portable device (e.g. MP3 player) into the 2.5 mm front jack. This multifunction phone/audio mini jack on the front lets you route cell phone calls or iPod/MP3/XM Radio players right through your aircraft headset — with selectable instant muting when radio transmissions are received from ATC. Any selected music source’s volume can be controlled by pulling out the intercom volume/squelch knob. And if you’re connecting an aera™ aviation portable to the GMA 240, you can adjust the XM music volume directly from the GMA 240.

Operate with Ease

The panel was designed to be as intuitive as possible, featuring LED-illuminated button controls for audio selection, separate pilot and copilot/passenger volume knobs, a dedicated rapid pilot isolate button and many other options that make commanding your audio as simple as a push of a button. Plus, to make the entire audio experience quieter and clearer, MASQ (Master Avionics Squelch) processing helps filter out unwanted radio static and interferences. The GMA 240 is designed to be an easy-fit installation for today’s most popular experimental/kitbuilt and LSA cockpits.

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